Relaxed Living at Home, Designer Robes, Sleepwear, and Loungewear

Founded in 1991, the first collection of Carlton Hall designer robes and sleepwear was launched in Houston, Texas. The concept of the collection was that of elegance and function. That concept remains, although the product line has evolved over the last decade.

Carlton Hall, Inc. is a design house that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury robes, sleepwear, and loungewear wholesale to specialty stores, high end department stores, mail order catalogs, spas, and internet retailers.


Maintaining an Exceptional Quality

Garments are manufactured in Texas and are cut to order. Our domestic production ensures that each garment is supervised from design to completion, offering close attention to detail and quality.

Today the company manufactures under the labels of Carlton Hall and Amanda Rich.  Product lines range from luxury wrap and zip front robes, sleepwear, caftans, loungewear to spa wear.


Carlton Hall provides our customers with an elegant lifestyle product consisting of robes, loungewear, and sleepwear. Our quality, fit, and customer service is exceptional. We partner with our customers to offer them a product that sets them apart from the competition.

– Jane Carlton Hall

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